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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Full Information About Diwali

Happy Diwali 2017

Happy Diwali is basically known as “Deepawali” which is usually celebrated by the Indian’s- Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains that too all around the globe. This festival has an inner meaning which means to win over the evil power and the triumph of light over darkness. As we all know that Diwali is celebrated with bursting firecrackers, lighting a number of days all around the house and workplace. Thus Diwali is known as the festival of lights. But do you know that there is a real story lies behind it? Well! Then let me tell you the actual reason behind it.

Festival of Lights: Why Diwali is known as the festival of lights?

So what’s the actual reason behind calling Diwali a festival of lights? Well! There is an interesting story which will make you know the reason better. This story is revolving around Lord Rama, who is basically the avatar of Supreme Protector Lord Vishnu.

Lord Rama was the king of Ajodhya had to live in the forest with his brother and wife for nearly fourteen years in order to keep his father’s orders. However, the people of Ajodhya used to love Lord Rama a lot and they waited for him to return back. So once when he returned to Ajodhya, in order to celebrate they decorated their houses with diyas and flowers and burnt crackers too. From that very day, people all over the globe started celebrating this day as Diwali by lighting up their houses with diyas and candles and firing crackers. So, Diwali 2017 is celebrated “Festival of Lights” where lights signify the victory of good over the evil.

Isn’t it quite interesting? Yes! I know this story is logically not proven yet, but this story has created a good impact on Indian Festival. Diwali has become the most celebrated festival among the Indians.

How is Diwali Celebrated?

Well! Diwali in India is celebrated with decorating houses with candles and divas and to light up the house to keep the darkness aside. Indian traditional dishes are the most loved this day by everyone. Serving sweets like Laddu with some traditional dishes is just so awesome. Exchange of gifts between friends and families also takes place during the Diwali. One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali, the festival of lights, sees millions attend firework displays, prayers, and celebratory events across the world every autumn. There are many shops which sale beautiful fancy candles and traditional diyas too. You can buy them to decorate your house.

Diwali is celebrated with some positive vibes all over the world and people from different parts of the globe celebrate it with burning the evil. So what is your plan for this Diwali?? Do let us know! Happy Diwali! Be Safe and Keep Safe!

Decorate home for Diwali

Diwali is celebrated almost by everyone from kids to adults, old to young. People celebrate Diwali by decorating their respective houses and workplaces. Member of the houses joins hands in order to prepare foods, sweets and other things for the guests. So ladies what’s the plan for decorating your houses this Diwali? Obviously, you want to celebrate it every year in a different style. So let’s get started and do some mix and match of traditional and modern.

Here are few ways to decorate home for Diwali:


This is the most important part of Diwali decoration. Indians for any festival loves to make a rangoli at home. Well! Nowadays, it has become very easy to find new designs for rangoli. You just need to search Google for that. Use beautiful and bright colors to make your rangoli a beautiful one. You can even use flower petals, turmeric, colored rice etc for making an organic rangoli.

Lampshades For Diwali Decor

Well! If you are bored with the same old candles and diyas, then you can definitely go for the international patterns or lamp shades! Turkish shades or any elegant Italian and decorative French style is what i will suggest. If you are on the more creative side, create your own lampshade with old discarded items like glass jars, cupcake liners you come across during Diwali home-cleaning.

Fabrics Decor For Diwali

Well! I know you know it very well that you won’t be wearing that clingy or fashioned saree given by any odd or random person. So why not make something trendy this festive with those? Yes! You can create some of the beautiful curtains or wall hangings with them and trust me you won’t regret it.


You can buy some of the light strings of various patterns and can decorate the verandah with those. You can put it to light up some of the corners of your house and it will look beautiful.


Well! This is quite an interesting part and it will not only give your house a festive feel but also will make your mood swing. Yes! Try to choose some bright colors and mix and match to get the perfect shades for your bedroom walls.


Flowers are always a way to reach out someone’s heart directly. You can buy some traditional flowers like marigold etc and decorate your house with them beautifully. Just get the perfect pot to keep the flowers in case you are going for any other flowers other than marigold.

So did you like my ideas for decorating the house during this Diwali? Try them out and I am sure you will have the best decorative Diwali this year.

Have pollution free Green Happy Diwali

Diwali is also known as the festival of light which brings some positive spirits. So why not celebrate this diwali with some real meaning! Confused?? Well! I am talking about celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali. Yes! Celebrating Diwali, that to in an eco-friendly is the best gift to the nature and as well as human beings. So, how about adopting the following steps to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly ways?

Here are few steps to celebrate the festival of lights in eco-friendly ways:

Diyas to brighten the home

During the Diwali time, you will get many decorated, colorful, fancy candles and diyas in the shops. You can buy them to decorate your home and lighten the house. The candles and diyas are made of wax and clay and are bio-degradable, so they are less toxic and harmful for nature.

Organic rangoli

Well! As we all know the specialty of diwali is Rangoli- bright and beautiful as it is considered to be auspicious. You can make it even better with some bright organic home products like turmeric, coloured rice etc. which will be eco-friendly too. Also you can use flower petals to make it look more authentic and natural.


The third and the most important part are decorations. But say a strict “NO” to all the plastic materials and try to use products made of natural things mostly paper or leaves. It will not only be eco-friendly but also will make your house look beautiful and traditionally authentic.

Eco-friendly crackers

Bursting firecrackers is what one should totally avoid. But still we Indians really love to burn crackers on this festive day and it is very difficult to control the kids too. So the best thing what we can do is to have Eco-friendly crackers. These crackers are made using recycled paper. They make less noise and pollution.

Gift wrapping
Well! In diwali we all love to exchange gifts among friends and families and it is an age-old custom. But we use plastic to wrap the gifts. Isn’t it? Then why not use papers or colourful papers to wrap the gifts? It will be eco-friendly and will be good to go even.

Biodegradable crockery
This is the best part according to me. Yes! Eating the traditional food in a traditional way…What’s say? Serve the food in the banana leaves to the guests and trust me it is totally pollution free and will give a beautiful and exquisite feeling too.

So these are the 6 best ways in which you can celebrate Diwali in the most eco-friendly manner. Stay safe and enjoy Diwali. If you have any other opinions do let us know. Happy Diwali!

How to celebrate Happy Diwali at Office?

Diwali is the time where you can boost up your festive spirits. So why not bringing some festive spirits to your office? Well! Celebrating Diwali at workplace is not a great idea but also you can enjoy and have fun with your colleagues too. It will help you to create good bonds between you and your colleagues and in other way it will boost up the team spirit. But do you have any idea on How to celebrate Diwali at Office? Well! If not, then don’t just worry! I am here to share with you some unique and interesting ideas to celebrate Diwali at office.

Here are some of the unique ideas to celebrate diwali at work:

Decoration is one of the most important parts for Diwali. In your office, there must be desk and chairs, try to cover them up with beautiful table cloths and bed sheets to look them good.
Create a beautiful rangoli, be it traditional or rangoli with coloured rice is also good to go. You can light up the office with decorated diyas but don’t light them till everyone comes.
Next thing that you can do is to decorate the office with some beautiful flowers like Marigold which is an Indian Traditional flower.
You can arrange for Djs or even if you can’t get a Dj, play some bollywood music and let the workers enjoy dancing with each other.
Bring in some firecrackers and you can let your colleagues burn them if allowed by the HR.
The best part of Diwali is having the traditional Indian food. Serve it with some mouth watering sweets to make it more delicious and worthy.
Get some soft drinks like lassi, chaas etc and serve it. Laddu is the most important thing that needs to be served in any Diwali party.
You can play a slideshow of some cool diwali images on screen.
You can even play truth and dare game to get your party more spiced up.
You can get a cake themed on firecrackers and diyas.
Arrange for some Diwali gifts and chocolates for the colleagues.
You can even take a print of a collage on some beautiful diwali images and put it on the notice board.
Arrange for some other events like singing competition, dance competition, sweet eating competition to make the party more interesting.
So here are few ideas that will for sure make your office diwali party a rocking one! But before planning for any diwali party at office, do take care of these certain things in order to keep your colleagues safe.

Keeping an eye for the safety of your colleagues.
Be concerned about the allergy restrictions.
Remember to consider safety first and all building rules before lighting diyas at work! Unlit diyas work just as well.
Have a happy and very safe Diwali. Enjoy!

What kind of food can be prepared for Diwali?

Diwali is the festival of good spirit over the evil spirit. And we Indians celebrate it by lighting our houses with diyas and candles and with some delicious food. Yes! As well as know that for Indians without food there won’t be any festival, so there are some special dishes to be made on Diwali. Lots of sweets, lots of delicious food that you are bound to love the festivals no matter what. As Diwali happens once in a year, we definitely want it to big something big and good. Check out the following 6 recipes for Diwali.

Gulaab Jamun: 

Well! How about having some homemade Gulaab Jamun?? Yummy isn’t it? Yes! Just imagine how awesome it will be for your guests to have some homemade Gulaab Jamun. You can simply buy the mixture from the supermarket and then cook it. It is easy to cook and takes only 15 minutes. Serve the Gulaab Jamun hot hot!
Paneer Tikka: Paneer tikka is the most favorite dish for the non-Bengalis and they will love to have this dish on any special day or occasion. It is something that will make your tummy fill yet will leave some space for main course. It is too delicious and you can enjoy it with soft drinks too. It is an easy to prepare recipe and takes only 20 minutes to prepare.
Matar Chola: Diwali goes best with the sweets. But among all the sweets this spicy dish won’t hurt much trust me! Matar Chola is one of the most special dishes that you can make on the festive day. It is quite yummy and can be served with roti or paratha. It takes 5mins to prepare and 10 minutes for cooking. Serve it hot!
Lauki Ki Barfi: Yes! Lauki Ki Barfi is the most favorite of all among the Indians sweets and it is best when homemade. It is just awesomely delicious and tasty. It takes hardly 10 minutes to cook and prepare. Then serve it hot with some garnishing.
Seb Ka Halwa: Well! An apple halwa a day will keep the doctor away. Hahaha… Well! This sweet dish is the best for diwali and you can have it with your guests and enjoy your diwali well.
Baked Rasogolla: It is one of the most delicious sweet dishes which every people from the corner of the world love it. This dish can be the best for your diwali celebration. Just try this dish.
Well! These are the top 6 best Diwali Dishes that you can make to celebrate your Diwali. Make them and serve to your guests and I bet they will love to have these delicious and awesomely tasty dishes.

What kind of gifts can be given on Diwali?

The beauty of Diwali is not just enjoyed in India and infact it is one of the few Hindu Festivals which is celebrated by millions of people outside! Commonly known to be as the festival of light, Diwali is just not about it- It is also the festival of gathering, the festival of loving and also the festival of having fun together! On this auspicious day, a lot of people come up in exchanging gifts with their beloved ones- from the kids to the elder ones! But a lot of people get confused in what are the gifts to give and what not to. Well, if you are confused too, all that you have to do is follow our guide in order to select what kind of gifts can be given on Diwali?

Statues of gods and goddesses

On the Occasion of Diwali, the statutes of Gods and as well as Goddesses are a perfect idea to gift and celebrate harmony together. You can also gift your friends and family members small statues and also to the people who stay far from your house!

Handmade candles

The occasion of Diwali looks even better when light is glowing! Infact, Dipawali is just celebrated with the colours of light after glowing Dias in every house. Thus, handmade candles are widely appreciated all over the world!

Ethnic wear and jewelry

For every woman, the occasion of Diwali is also celebrated with fashion. Kids and women love to give the ethnic look! So why to wait longer, just rush to your favourite ethnic showroom to give gifts to your loved ones!

Solar lawn lights

The fashions of LED Lights are just new and the concept of Solar Lawn Lights can take a lot from you! Indeed when you are trying to gift a new item to your loved ones, there can be nothing better than these lights!

Potted house plants

Plants symbolize peace and harmony for almost ever houses. Gifting the potted plants is a great idea and it is appreciated by most people. Though it may be tough for you to send potted house plants to the people staying abroad, you can send it to your close ones!

Watches and sunglasses

Teens love to wear watches as well as sunglasses as a fashion. You can also take the help of watches and sunglasses to gift those to your loved teens and kids!

Homemade sweets and cakes
With the trend of light, comes up the trend of food. For almost in every Diwali occasion, it is a huge gathering for celebration. So how can you miss out to distribute sweets?

Gift hamper

A lot of people have different choices! If you have your budget fixed then another great idea to give is the Gift hamper!

Spiritual DVDs and CDs

For the elder ones who have devoted themselves in loving god and caring about them, Spiritual DVDs, as well as CDs, are a great idea!

Gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers are also another great idea which comes up to buying the different gifts for different persons!

Five Days of Diwali

Diwali is properly known as the festival of lights and the name has advanced from the word Deepavali. It is a standout amongst the most fizzing festivals of India that surpasses religious and geographic limits. Deepavali; in the exacting sense, implies a column of lights and is typical of the lighting that are necessary to the festival. Generally, Diwali is praised with dynamite light; bound with dazzling lights that are made out of mud. They are a necessary part of the merriments and add to the intensity of Diwali. Since it is a five day occasion, Diwali diyas discover noticeable quality on all the five days, all the more thus, on the first and the third day. Houses and surroundings are lit up with a variety of mud lights. The sight is for sure so stupendous that Diwali is fittingly known as the festival of lights.


“Dhan” implies cash or riches in English. As the name proposes this day is committed to the love of goddess of riches Laxmi. This day falls on the thirteenth lunar day of the Kartik month of the Hindi date-book. This day additionally denote the start of the New Year for the shipper group.

Narak Chaturdashi:

This is probably one of the most auspicious moments in Indian mythology as on this very day; Lord Krishna demolished the evil spirits forever in defeating Narakasur. Thus, this day is considered to be as one of the most auspicious moments in the Indian Mythology. Women in every house celebrate this day by lighting diyas as well as worshipping Lord Krishna to protect their homes from the emergence of evil spirit to come near their beloved ones!!


This is the day of the primary festival. The festivals start with the love of goddess of riches Laxmi after nightfall. The entire house/office/business spot is enlivened with strings of light, diyas and candles. The lights are accepted to draw in riches and success to the house. Individuals tidy their home and spruce up in new garments before the puja.

Govardhan Puja:

The fourth day festivities are spent in the love of Lord Govardhan Parvat. This is the day when agriculturists and steers proprietors revere their fields, steers, furrow and every one of the instruments of the exchange. Numerous a great many years prior, Lord Krishna brought on the general population of Vraja to perform Govardhan Pooja. From that point on, consistently Hindus adore Govardhan to respect that first Pooja done by the general population of Vraja.

Bhai Dooj:

The fifth and the most recent day of Diwali festivities commend the exceptional relationship amongst siblings and sisters. Sisters enhance a tilak and offer desserts to their siblings and petition God for their long lives. Siblings bring gifts for their sisters and promise to secure every one of them through their lives.

Thus the celebration of the Five days of Diwali is just big in the country which makes it become so auspicious indeed! So why to stop, just enjoy it as much as you can!

How to help children on Diwali?

Diwali in Hindi or Deepawali in Tamil is known as the festival of lights and is celebrated throughout the world. It is one of the most popular festivals of India and is celebrated by decorating the houses with diyas and candles and also by bursting firecrackers. You can help your children in many ways while celebrating Diwali. Yes! Why not make this Diwali a better and a safer one? Check out these awesome ways in which you can help your children on Diwali Celebration.

How to help children on Diwali?

So you want to help your children on Diwali? Well! Check out the below suggestions and take help from it.

Decorate the House Together: Well! Why not engage your child in decorating the house for Diwali? Yes! Ask them to do some little work in decorating the house. This will keep them happy and busy too. And also it will make your work easier. Children always have some unique and creative ideas, so ask them to create some creative things to make the house look more beautiful.
Make Diyas With Them: Ask your child to make diyas and candles with you. I am sure your child will definitely find interest on doing this work. You can make creative and fancy diyas with them. If making or decorating diya’s is not your thing, print out diya coloring pages to keep your little ones occupied!
Make Rangoli: Rangoli is one of the most important parts of the decorations Diwali. You can make rangoli with flowers, coloured rice and turmeric powder. Ask your child to make creative and artistic design of rangoli. They will sure love to do this work. Alternatively, print out and/or design your own rangoli on a piece of cardboard, add glue to each section and cover with colored sand/powder for a longer lasting rangoli design that won’t blow away with the wind.
Make Indian Sweets: Cooking is an all time favorite thing for girls. Ask your daughter to make some sweet dishes too. You can help them to make some tasty and delicious sweet dishes.
Gift packing: We all love to exchange gifts among families and friends. But why not pack those gifts with the help of your child? You can help your child to wrap the gifts and pack them with proper decoration.
Burn crackers: Last but not the least; you can help them to burn crackers. That will safe and secure for them too.
These are the top 6 ways in which you can help your children on diwali. Try them out these diwali to make the diwali more successful and fun-filled.

How to worship on Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights is quick drawing nearer and there is as of now a feeling of fervor, trust and rapture amongst the general population of India. It is likewise called ‘Festival of Lights’ as individuals enlighten candles, “diyas” on this day and praise the triumph of good over devilish powers. The day is commended in all through the world, where in Nepal it is called “Tihar” and ‘Swanti’. Diwali is likewise begun as the harvest day where it is considered as the last gather time before the beginning of winter season.


Puja ought to start with the reflection of Bhagawati Lakshmi. Dhyan ought to be done before as of now introduced Shri Lakshmi statue before you. Taking after Mantra ought to be droned while pondering Bhagawati Shri Lakshmi.

Spread another fabric on a raised stage:

Step 1:

Place a modest bunch of grains in the inside and, on this, place a kalash (pitcher) made of gold, silver, copper, or terracotta. Fill three-fourth of the kalash with water and place a betel nut, a blossom, a coin, and some rice grains in it. Mastermind five sorts of leaves or mango leaves in the kalash . Place a little dish on the kalash and fill it with rice grains. Draw a lotus with turmeric powder ( haldi ) over the rice grains and place the symbol of goddess Lakshmi over it, alongside coins.

Step 2:

Place the idle of Lakshmi in a plate and bathe it with water, panchamrit and afterward with water containing some gold adornment or a pearl.
Wipe the idle with a delicate material and spot it back on the kalash.
Offer shoe glue, saffron glue, fragrance, haldi, kumkum, abeer, and gulal to the goddess. Offer a festoon of cotton dabs to the goddess.
Offer blossoms, particularly the marigold blooms and Bel Patra.
Step 3:

At that point worship the ink and business books. Open the principal page of every book and compose “” Shubha Labh “” on it and attract a Swastika the clockwise heading. Wash all your gold and silver coins with water, panch Amrit and after that with water. Make an offering of puffed rice and batasha to the Gods. At long last, play out the aarti for goddess Laxmi and the all inclusive aarti of “Om Jai Jagdish Hare..”. Toward the end convey the prasad to all individuals present and the have some for yourself.


Do Goddess Laxmi Puja by putting her statue on Lotus bloom and red blossoms into her feet, place coin before her in the puja. At that point read mantras, aarti by spreading rose blossom petals on the statue. Toward the end make Namaskar by touching head into their feet to get endowments, touch the feet of senior citizens in the family, disseminate prasad and begin blasting Crackers.

However this is just not all, remember to distribute gifts or sweets to all your loved ones as a mark of celebrations after the Puja! However in most of the houses, the Puja is performed before the start of the cracker celebrations! Happy Diwali !



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